3 Types of Propane Tanks and How to Choose the Right One

Propane tanks are available in both underground and above-ground options, each with distinct benefits. Underground tanks require more installation and maintenance to protect them from corrosion than above-ground ones. A propane supplier can help you know the particular types of tanks under these categories before choosing one. Here are three types of these tanks and how to choose the right one for your needs:

1. Vertical Tanks

A vertical propane tank is ideal for anyone whose home doesn’t require much heating. The tanks are easy to carry from one place to another, especially when camping, because of their small sizes. Installing these propane tanks can help save some space in your home because of their sleek, upright design. This design can enable a propane supplier to install the tank easily in a hidden place to prevent potential damage and leaks. Many homeowners choose these tanks over others because they work with various heating systems like furnaces and stoves.

2. Horizontal Tanks

Tanks with horizontal shapes have larger sizes, which allows them to hold immense amounts of gas for a long period. These tanks are suitable for residential and commercial properties with significant heating demands. Installing this tank allows a consistent fuel supply and reduces the costs associated with refills. Choose this option if your home or business building is in a remote area to save on deliveries.

3. Disposable Tanks

Disposable propane tanks are ideal for short-term usage because they don’t require refilling. Use these gas tanks if you have a propane lantern you use for outdoor activities like camping. The tanks’ metal walls are thin, which makes them lightweight and easy to handle. Their small, compact sizes also enable the owners to store them easily and save on space.

Tips for Choosing Propane Tanks

Understanding the various sizes of gas tanks can help you choose the right one for your home’s or commercial place’s heating requirements. The tanks come in different sizes to hold varying gallons of propane. Various sizes of these liquefied gas tanks range from 5 to 30,000 gallon tanks. Industries, factories, stations for propane filling, and communities with high heating requirements mainly use the large-sized tanks. Medium to small-sized tanks are ideal for generators, fireplaces, home cooking, and dryers, among other lighter applications.

The amount and frequency of propane usage in a place can also determine the size and style of the tank purchased. Places requiring consistent and large amounts of this gas should opt for large-sized, horizontal tanks. Before buying and installing this tank, figure out a safe and convenient location in your place. Medium to large-sized tanks should not be installed near a commercial or residential building to minimize risks. Consult a reputable supplier about various tanks and their sizes before choosing one. The supplier may also visit your place to inspect and determine an ideal location for the tank’s installation.

Contact a Propane Supplier

Many people in homes and commercial places use propane because it doesn’t release soot and other environmental toxins when burning. Installing a propane tank in your place can enable you to enjoy convenience and consistent heating. Contact a reputable propane supplier today for an ideal tank for your place.

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