5 Features to Look for When Visiting a Storage Center

Choosing the right storage facility for your belongings is not only a matter of pricing. You need to take into account several factors before making a decision. Visiting a storage facility in advance helps you to evaluate the features before leasing. Here are a few features to look for when visiting a storage center:

1. Security

Assess the surrounding areas to confirm the space is not in a high-crime neighborhood. Inquire about the security system in place at the facility. Some features that can be in place include video surveillance, alarms, fencing, ample lighting, and security guards. Other features you can look for include coded entry and high-security locks. 

2. Accessible

An ideal storage facility is one that you can get to easily. The storage facility should also be flexible allowing you to visit your unit as many times as you wish and at any time. Having 24-hour access and an electronic gate pass on the facility are added benefits. If you need to store large items such as boats, the storage center must also be accessible by truck because you will have to haul such items in on a trailer.

3. Cleanliness

A storage facility must be clean to protect your items from water damage, pests, or mold. During your visit to the center, look for signs of leaks because they lead to water damage. You can inspect the corners to check for mold, animal droppings, or pests such as roaches. A good facility is one with climate-control features because this controls the quality of air. The center also needs to have tightly sealed units to enhance the safety of your items. Other things to look for include adequately maintained parking lots and organized offices.

4. Additional Amenities

Some facilities include climate-controlled units, fire sprinklers, or carbon monoxide detectors. Such features provide an extra layer of protection. Some facilities also offer covered or uncovered storage for large items, RVs, and boats. Having a wide selection of storage units available allows you to choose one that suits your needs instead of paying for extra storage space that you do not use.

5. Proximity

You may find it beneficial to have a storage unit that is near you because it simplifies your trips to the facility. Distant storage facilities can be inconvenient if you need to access your items regularly. If you regularly need access to business documents, vehicles, or tools, you will have to make frequent trips to your unit. Take into account the price of gas if you plan to drive to the facility. Determine the time spent getting to the facility. These factors will influence your decisions regarding which storage facility to rent from.

Find a Storage Center That Suits Your Needs

Storage facilities vary in terms of the value they offer you. Visiting the facility to evaluate the features can help you take note of the amenities and spacing available. Security, accessibility, cleanliness, and proximity are among the features that you can scrutinize as you make your decision. Find a reputable storage facility in your area today.

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