What Are the Options for Customizing the Fit and Appearance of Home Dentures?

If you are missing one or multiple teeth, at home dentures can bring back the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your smile. Dentures are made to enhance speaking and chewing abilities and to prevent dental problems from occurring in the future.

They replace lost teeth and keep the remaining ones from shifting, which also helps support the shape of your jaw. Here is how the fit and look of home dentures can be personalized:

Custom Impression Kits and Soft Liners

Custom impression kits let individuals take exact gum molds so that dentures will fit them properly. These kits have space for the adjustment of base plates to accommodate specific gum shapes. When the denture fits snugly into the mouth, it enhances comfort and reduces the chances of rubbing and sores.

Individuals can also achieve better customization by using soft liners, which are more comfortable for the patient. Professionals make soft liners from a flexible material that easily molds to the shape of the gums. This makes them act as cushions between the denture base and the mouth, providing more comfort to patients.

Custom Style Matching

Style matching involves matching the color, shape, and size of the denture to give it a natural look. Many at home dentures have custom color matching for the teeth and gum part of the denture. Patients are allowed to choose color shades that closely resemble their natural gums and teeth, making their dentures appear more realistic.

Some denture kits also include stain and wear effects. These effects imitate the natural aging of teeth, providing a realistic appearance that fits the patient’s lifestyle or age. Different denture kits also offer various tooth shapes and sizes for patients to choose from to match their preferred look. 

DIY Adjustment and Securing Options

Depending on the denture provider, they will allow free adjustments if the original dentures do not fit. These adjustments provide better-fitting dentures, making it easier for patients in their day-to-day activities.

Patients can also use different adhesives, which enhance the tightness of the dentures when in place. People can choose an adhesive depending on how much stability they want from the denture without compromising comfort.

How To Customize Home Dentures

Accurate measurements must be taken of your mouth in order to have a properly fitting denture. Order an at home denture kit if you do not want to travel to your local dentist’s office. A professional will use digital scans or impression kits to capture fine details about the structure of the mouth.

A bite registration is where the relationship between the upper and lower jaws is recorded to facilitate proper alignment. You mail all of these elements to the online denture provider who will use it to create your final product.

You will then go through several trials to test the fit and comfort of the custom denture. The custom denture is then taken through final prosthetics, where the fabricator adjusts it for optimal comfort and functionality. Upon successful trial fittings and prosthetics, the final denture is fabricated.

Professionals fabricate these final custom dentures with high-quality materials and advanced techniques to meet the specific needs of patients. As a final step, the fabricator provides patients with instructions on how to care for and maintain their custom dentures. 

Improve Your Oral Health With at Home Dentures

Custom home dentures can support proper jaw alignment, lower the risk of periodontal disease, and improve your quality of life. An experienced dentist can help you customize your denture to improve its comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. Start your search for a reputable at home denture provider to get a quality product that meets your needs.

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