Outdoor Security Camera Placement Strategies for Maximum Coverage

Optimal security camera placement can help you get the most value out of your cameras. Understanding how to position security cameras is essential for determining the optimal number of cameras and viewing angles.

Camera placement is influenced by property layout and security priorities, but general strategies apply across different premises. Here are strategies to get maximum coverage out of your security camera system:

Front Door

A camera installed at the front door observes the movements of everyone entering and exiting your home. By positioning a camera on the second floor, above the door level, you can obtain an overhead view and keep it out of reach. Placing the camera at the second-floor level is perfect for monitoring a wide area, such as a driveway.

Placing the camera at ground floor level provides the perfect vantage point for facial recognition. Securing the front door camera in a casing protects it from damage caused by weather elements and vandalism. For large properties with a sizable front yard, it’s advisable to install multiple cameras for comprehensive coverage.

Ground Floor Doors and Windows

Secure your ground-floor windows and doors on the inside and outside of your home with the security camera system in the corners. Positioning cameras at the corners enables comprehensive surveillance of a given area, despite individual cameras having a limited field of view.

By strategically placing cameras at the corners of ground-floor windows and doors, complete perimeter coverage is achieved. This configuration eliminates blind spots and makes sure that any attempt to tamper with one camera is documented by another.

Back Door and Window

Back doors and windows are often not easily visible from regular vantage points. These entry points can allow someone to enter your house without being noticed. It’s a good idea to install cameras to monitor the back and side doors, as these areas may not be visible from the street.

It is possible to install two cameras in a back-to-back configuration. This approach is beneficial in eliminating blind spots and achieving a 180-degree field of view.

By positioning a camera to monitor the backyard, one can effectively observe individuals inspecting the yard. The surveillance of the backyard also facilitates the monitoring of children and pets.

Driveway and Garage

If you want to monitor your driveway, you should install a wide-angle lens camera using a mid-wall pattern. The mid-wall pattern entails placing the camera in the middle of a wall at a horizontal position. Position the camera so that its view is perpendicular to the wall, providing a wide angle of view suitable for up-close monitoring.

Consider getting a camera with night vision for your driveway. This allows you to monitor any activity or individuals approaching the garage door. Such a camera can also help keep an eye on vehicle traffic and any movement around parked vehicles.

Plan Your Security Camera System

As you position your outdoor cameras, refrain from orienting them towards the sun. The intense light produces a glaring effect in the captured footage, obscuring critical details. Optimal placement of a security camera system will help you create reliable surveillance of your home.

Work with a security company to develop an optimal placement plan that will factor in the unique layout of your property.

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